Aterpe Alai, another dream come true

The new Echebastar vessel finally has a name: Aterpe Alai. It is going to be the sixth addition to our fleet. Its construction at Zamakona Shipyard in Santurtzi is making good progress. With every passing day it is closer to being at sea.

Aterpe Alai means “happy shelter”. These two words perfectly capture the essence of each and every one of our ships. For it is in them that we live. It is in them that we work. It is aboard them that our dream ultimately comes true.

Like its sisters Izaro (2014), Jai Alai (2015) and Euskadi Alai (2015) this new ship is going to be fitted with an aluminum superstructure and a bridge of the same material, -60º deepfreeze tunnels, safe spots equipped with anti-piracy systems and a catch management method which returns to the sea any non-target live fish “with virtually no human intervention”.

We’ll see you at sea.

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