ECHEBASTAR supports inclusive sport

Echebastar’s institutional commitment to promoting equal opportunities opens a new chapter. Our company has signed an agreement with HAZSTEN, a non-profit making organization which works with people with functional diversity in the area of sports and physical exercise in Biscay in order to support their activities in the town of Bermeo.

The agreement with HAZSTEN will make it possible to cover the expenses which guarantee the practice of inclusive sports in permanent classrooms. The staff involved is made up of people who have been trained in the field of sports and have a special sensitivity towards people with functional diversity and have specific experience in the field.

These sessions are part of the IKASZTEN program, which teaches supplementary Physical Education during schooltime to students with functional diversity. It presently involves 17 schools in Biscay.

The Ikaszten program, in turn, is part of Haszten’s Integral Educational Plan for Physical Activity and Adapted/Inclusive Sport. It works as a natural bridge for students who seek to practise sports as an after-school activity within the Program for Adapted and Inclusive Sports Schools. Currently there are 43 such schools in the Greater Bilbao Area.

Echebastar is a proud supporter of this initiative.

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