The first tropical tuna purse seine fishery in the world, in all its forms, MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council).

ECHEBASTAR has obtained the MSC Certification for its skipjack fishing in the waters of the Indian Ocean. This is the first tropical tuna fishery in the world, to obtain the recognition conferred by the seal of MSC, the highest independent body that certifies sustainable and well-managed fisheries throughout the world.

The MSC label guarantees the consumer that Echebastar tuna production is obtained according to the highest criteria of responsible fishing. This is the recognition to the continuous work performed by the company in the last years, in favor of the sustainability of the resource. It has been possible thanks to the commendable effort of the company’s professionals, collaborators, national and international institutions, NGOs and the constructive contributions received by all the organizations involved during the certification process.

Echebastar reaffirms its valuable strategy in the treatment of catches and their tuna production. We trust that this certification will serve to the tuna sector that operates in the Indian Ocean, towards the commitments that guarantee the continuity of the resources for future generations.

Echebastar, committed to our people, committed to the environment, committed to our future.

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