Ours is the first tropical tuna fishery in the world using drifting fish aggregating devices (dFADs) , to gain certification from the MSC, which is widely recognised as the most rigorous global standard for sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

The MSC label guarantees the consumer that our skipjack tuna has been harvested according to the highest criteria of responsible fishing. The certification of our fishery recognises our continuous work over an extended period to ensure that we fish both responsibly and sustainably.

We are immensely grateful and proud for the commendable effort of our team, collaborators, national and international institutions, and NGOs together with the constructive contributions from a wide range of people and organizations during the certification process.

We reaffirm our commitment to sustainable fishing. We will not rest on our laurels. In turn, we hope that our certification serves as an example to other companies fishing tuna in the Indian Ocean, and that they will work with us to guarantee the health of the tuna resources to the benefit of future generations.





The MSC Process


  • WP and Actions
  • Status and Progress.
  • Observers data.
  • Data Evaluation. Requirements and Provisions for 2019.
  • 2019 First fishing trips
    • Landing Reports update
  • WP and Actions
  • Status and Progress.
  • Meetings in Seychelles March 2019.
    • Vice President Office (VP Vincent Meriton and PS Philippe Michaud).
    • Ministry of Fisheries. (PS Jude Talma).
    • Seychelles Fishing Authority (CEO Rony Renaud and Johnny Louys).
    • Agents Hunt Deltel (Christophe Houareau and Michael King Harman).
    • Seychelles Petroleum (CEO Conrad Bonoiton).
    • WWF Indian Ocean (Umair Shahid).
    • FBOA ( Beatty Hoarau and Keith Andre).
    • IPNLF (John Burton).
    • JHL Group (Pty) Ltd. James Lasperance.
  • Received Letters of Stakeholders confirming participation and support.
  • Observers Data Evaluation.
  • Landing Reports update.
  • Condition 1 status of deliverables and update.
  • Year 2018 sets (FS and FAD breakdown).
  • Condition 7 & 8 “Direct Fishing Authorizations”. Status and update.
  • WP: Actions and updates since last conference call.
  • Discussion on Base Line Document.  
  • New letters of support received from stakeholders:
    • Hunt Deltel & Co. Ltd.
    • Thai Union Group.
    • Princes Foods.
  • Observers Data. Update for pending 2018 and first quarter 2019.
  • Type of Sets. Final data for 2018.
  • Landing Reports 2019.
  • Study and considerations about lost FADs.
  • Meetings attended
  • Meetings schedules for May. Brussels Tuna and Sea Food Exhibition.
  • Review of  the 8 Conditions. Action Plan situation to meet the scheduled deliverables by November 2019.
  • Discussions about FIP status, FAD WATCH MOA and harmonization of scorings.
  1. Targets for 2019. 6 Months Actions Considerations.
    • Working Plan status to achieve the milestones for 2019.
    • Analysis of the full document for actions scheduled as of today 15/05/2019. Complete table of actions.
    • New fields
    • Identification of problems, if any, in the proposed objectives.
  2. Data
    • Fleet data.
      • Landing Reports
      • Lost FADs
    • Data update in the working team tool.
      • Baseline Stuby on FADs
      • Summary once revised the general status
      • Letters of support from Stakeholders
    • WEB page improvement
    • Stakeholders input in the web page. Direct access for confirmed Stakeholders
    • Public input. Additional tools.
      • Other Initiatives.
        • Identify initiatives that can reinforce Echebastar's sustainability credentials
      • MSC Assessments.
        • Implications and analysis of other I.O. fisheries that decided to enter in the MSC full assessment
        • How they can affect to our certification: positively or negatively
      • FIP del Indico,
        • Sustainable Indian Ocean Tuna Initiative (SIOTI). Study of the Action Plan (updated May 2019)
  3. AOB.
  4. Next Meeting.
  5. Next Conference call
  • SIOTI: 1st Meeting of the Stakeholders Advisory Group. Paris 22nd May 2019.
    • General overview
    • SIOTI updated action Plan
    • Harmonization of SIOI (FIP) scorings with Echebastar
  • Meeting of SIOTI Executive Board. Paris 23rd May 2019
    • General overview.
    • Analysis of different positions
    • Agreement achieved for a common Position Paper for IOTC commission (Hyderabad June 2019)