Deep-Freezing System

Features of deep-frozen tuna


Features of deep-frozen tuna

The chemical and bacteriological activity when freezing at -14°C degrees slows down, whereas at -60°C degrees it comes to a halt. It prevents the development of microorganisms, enzyme activity or nutritional loss, and retains the sensory and organoleptic properties of foods.

Due to the characteristics of work in vessels and the equipment, the quality of this fish is superior to the one in fresh fish, keeping all the benefits of the latter and controlling its drawbacks.

Features of deep-frozen tuna


Echebastar Guarantee

Features of deep-frozen tuna

Echebastar tuna loins with the format of product,steack or quality sashimi saku.

Added values:

  • Deep-frozen at -60°C degrees
  • It keeps all its organoleptic and healthy properties
  • It lasts longer before consumption
  • Without artificial additives
  • With traceability certificate
  • In a perfect pack
Features of deep-frozen tuna


Thanks to our deep-freezing system at -60°C degrees and the monitoring of all the supply and production chain, we provide you with pure tuna in its maximum freshness, taste, texture and health claims.


Features of deep-frozen tuna
Features of deep-frozen tuna

Why Echebastar tuna

  • No seasonality in the supply
  • Quality, guarantee and responsibility
  • Responsible fishing
  • Accurate labelling of the packed species
  • Full traceability from the fishing moment to delivery
  • 100% natural product. Additive-free
  • Thunnus albacares
  • Echebastar know-how
Features of deep-frozen tuna


Compliance with the European legislation requiring fish freezing for raw consumption, underdone, marinade, marinated or salazón- EC No 853/2004 and 1276/2011.

Compliance with Spanish legislation for fish consumed in restaurants in raw, undercooked, pickled or salted fish, which requires freezing for consumption – RD 1420/2006 of December 1.


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