Introducing U-BAI

Introducing U-BAI, the joining of the region’s leading companies, the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve Service and the regional development agencies – Behargintza in Bermeo and Lanbide Ekimenak in Guernica – with the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government.

We’re working to build an Urbaidai that is COMPETITIVE, INNOVATIVE AND VIBRANT, while protecting the peculiarities that make our region unique. With U-BAI we are committed to opening Urdaibai up to the world and developing innovative and sustainable initiatives to support the local economy.

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For all you entrepreneurs, we have also launched U-BAI Up! On 7 October, Urdaibai entrepreneurs, young people, companies, investors and institutions will come together at Torre Madariaga to learn from each other and design the Urdaibai we want to see in the future. You’ll get the chance to hear inspiring stories, share your own projects and take part in activities to design Urdaibai for the next generations.

Fancy joining Urdaibai’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? Got a great business idea for Urdaibai, but don’t know what to do about it? Want to find out more about initiatives that are already up and running?

See you on the 7 October at the Torre Madariaga!

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As a member of U-BAI, Echebastar is fully committed to the future development of Urdaibai. We firmly believe that our region has excellent potential which is why we’re embarking on this exciting project. Corporate social responsibility is part of our DNA, especially when it comes to our region, the surroundings we grew up in and the home we will leave to our children.

Today something exciting is being born: the future is Urdaibai.


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