ECHEBASTAR completes its Annual MSC Audit successfully

The cycle of the second annual audit the MSC certified Echebastar fishery has been completed with the publication of the CAB’s final report:

The findings of the audit team are extremely positive and reflect the success of activities of the Echebastar Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) over the past year in meeting the defined milestones for the individual conditions to certification. Of the original eight conditions, two have been closed, while progress on meeting another five is judged to be ahead of target. In addition, progress on Conditions 9 and 10, that were set following the first annual surveillance report, were found to be ahead of target.

Additional information on our whole MSC process can be found at:

Transparency and sustainability in just one “click”. Access our web site MSC UP TO DATE, to find reports and documentations and follow our activities related to the MSC blue seal.


ECHEBASTAR obtained the MSC Certification for the fishing of skipjack tuna, in the Indian Ocean, at the end of 2018. It was the first tropical tuna fishery using FADs in the world to be awarded the MSC seal, the leading independent organization that certifies sustainable and well-managed fisheries around the world.

The MSC label guarantees the consumer that our tuna catch and production is obtained according to the highest principles of responsible fishing. Thus, Echebastar reaffirms its strategy to achieve excellence in the sustainable fishing of tuna.

Echebastar, committed to our people, committed to the environment, committed to our future.

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