Echebastar obtains the AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing Certification

Echebastar has furthered its commitment to good fishing practices. The company has obtained the AENOR Responsible Tuna Fishing (RTF) Certification, a globally recognised standard that guarantees the social and employment rights of the fleet in accordance with international standards and agreements. This certification also ensures compliance with fishing best practices and internationally recognised standards. The RTF certification contributes to sustainable tuna fishing, helping to protect the seas and guarantee that fishers have adequate working, safety and living conditions on board. Furthermore, this certification ensures the traceability of the tuna from the moment it is caught until it reaches your plate.

AENOR audits both the certified tuna fishing boat and the brand that manufactures the product through the Chain of Custody Regulations.

The RTF Certification is a commitment to various stakeholders including the workers, consumers and environment.

Moving forwards together, we look after our people!

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