From dream to enthusiasm: Gernika Rugby Team Taldea makes history once again

The path did lead to the finish line. Hard work, sacrifice and team effort have finally borne fruit. We can now say it out loud and clear: Gernika Rugby Taldea has achieved promotion to the División de Honor. Our “boars” have just completed a historic season, which has ended in the best possible way. This calls for a celebration!

All of us at Echebastar have been fortunate enough to accompany our team both in victory and in defeat. We believed in them. We believe in them. We know that they put their all into every game. More importantly we know that they will keep working to spread the values of this great sport. There’s no doubt that behind the results is a group of people, ready to dedicate themselves body and soul to defending the principles we all share: humility and hard work. That’s why we relish the opportunity to celebrate their well-deserved collective victory.

Gernika RT was born from the people. On 18 May 1973 fifteen enthusiasts embarked on this adventure compelled by their love of the values that this great sport promotes. Excitement was high. Not for nothing was it the very first Biscayan rugby team founded outside of Bilbao. They were meant to make history.

“Aurrera mutil gazte, aurrera basurde…” is the chant that echoes in the stadiums today, the words that we carry with in our hearts. “Go, boys! Go boars!” Let’s keep day-dreaming. Life belongs to us.

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