8th of June 2022- Echebastar and World Oceans Day

In May, Vice, a New York based magazine of international repute, visited with Echebastar on board Jai Alai, one of the six purse seiners in our fleet of fishing vessels.

The journalists were welcomed by Kepa Etxebarria, our CEO, and Jose Luis Jauregui, the company sustainability advisor, to talk about our commitment to a sustainable tuna fishery.

In a lengthy tour of the vessel we spoke about who we are, what we do and why, and where we are going.

This led to an article being today 8th of June published in Vice, that provides an exceedingly positive review of the different steps taken by our company to reinforce transparency, good practices and sustainability in our fishery. The authors of the article display a thorough understanding of the perspective for those of us who believe in a different, non-traditional, way of doing things.

The review of our different activities amply illustrates our position at the forefront of efforts aimed at strengthening the sustainability credentials of the Indian Ocean purse seine tuna fish ery.

Among other things, the article highlights our on-going commitment to not only meeting the rigorous MSC standard, but going beyond that with a focus on a range of issues of concern to an effective ecosystem based approach to fisheries management.

We are proud of Echebastar’s reputation and our on-going commitment to a sustainable Indian Ocean tuna fishery.

On this special day, we invite you to visit :