Echebastar First Surveillance Audit

Dear Colleagues.
Echebastar is receiving the first reports after the audit carried out by BV in November, related to MSC Indian Ocean Skipjack certification achieved in November 2018. Everything seems to indicate that, despite having closed some previous conditions and the three recommendations, due to new information on catches in 2018, two new conditions in P1, more specifically 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 will have to be fulfilled in the next years prior to re-certification.
The new scoring (possibly revised from 80 to 60) reflect i) at PI 1.2.1a a lack of responsiveness to implement measures sufficient to restrain catches to levels within the catch limit set for 2018-2020; and ii) at PI 1.2.2c a lack of tools in place to limit catches consistent with catch limits. We hope that with the effort of all the operators of the Indian Ocean the references of the skipjack will arrive soon to the catch limits set for skipjack.
Once the Audit Report is received (soon this month), we will post it in our web site, together with our correspondent Action Plan.
Your comments and support will be appreciated.