Comment to: Presentation of the Workteam

On behalf of Echebastar, I want to thank you for your confirmation to participate proactively in our MSC process. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that on our website we have opened a link in which we want to expose our trajectory to the public in general not only in the certification process, but also with the actions that we are carrying out to comply with the objectives regarding the conditions that affect Echebastar and that must be met in the next four years.

All documentation, meetings, projects and studies will be visible at:

As a confirmed stakeholder, in addition to making comments online, you will receive an alert notification by email, each time a document is published, modified or updated.

We trust that this tool, based on the transparency that Echebastar intends to give to our MSC project, is of your satisfaction and interest.

Kind regards
Jose Luis Jauregui