Echebastar is a Basque fishing company based in Bermeo that harvests tuna with its fleet of 6 purse seiners.

Since the company was established in 1967, we have been committed to sustainable fishing, responsible harvest of the fishery resources and the protection of the environment on which all our futures depend.

Traditionally, after capture tuna was frozen in brine to be sold to canning factories for the manufacture of a range of top quality products marketed to discerning consumers worldwide. Recently though we have widened our market. Thanks to the innovation of cutting-edge technology and the know-how acquired from our decades-long experience, our product is available not only canned but also deep-frozen and smoked.

Echebastar is one of the few international companies and the only Spanish company to produce premium quality tuna deep frozen on board the harvesting vessel. The deep-frozen tuna (-60°c) to produce our Echebastar tuna ALAKRANA.

Thanks to our -60°C deep-freezing system and robust monitoring of the production and supply chain, we supply premium quality tuna with fulsome flavour, excellent texture and proven health benefits for the enjoyment of discerning consumers worldwide.