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    Echebastar / TEAMWORK

    Echebastar is a Basque fishing company based in Bermeo that harvests tuna with its fleet of 6 purse seiners.

    Since the company was established in 1967, we have been committed to sustainable fishing, responsible harvest of the fishery resources and the protection of the environment on which all our futures depend.

    Traditionally, after capture tuna was frozen in brine to be sold to canning factories for the manufacture of a range of top quality products marketed to discerning consumers worldwide. Recently though we have widened our market. Thanks to the innovation of cutting-edge technology and the know-how acquired from our decades-long experience, our product is available not only canned but also deep-frozen and smoked.

    Echebastar is one of the few international companies and the only Spanish company to produce premium quality tuna deep frozen on board the harvesting vessel. The deep-frozen tuna (-60°c) to produce our Echebastar tuna ALAKRANA.

    Thanks to our -60°C deep-freezing system and robust monitoring of the production and supply chain, we supply premium quality tuna with fulsome flavour, excellent texture and proven health benefits for the enjoyment of discerning consumers worldwide.


    AZTI ( is a non-profit private foundation committed to generate wealth and value for current and future society. AZTI is a technology centre expert in marine and foodstuff research, committed to social and economic development of the fishery and foodstuff sector, as well to the study of the marine environment and natural resources in the context of sustainable development.

    Marine Stewardship Council / TEAMWORK


    Created in 1977, ANABAC is the senior purse seiner owners’ association in Spain. Nowadays, it counts three fishing companies and an associated fleet of 19 purse seiners linked to the home port of Bermeo (Bizkaia), where we have our headquarters.

    International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

    International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) was formed in 2009 as a global, non-profit partnership among the tuna industry, scientists and World Wide Fund for Nature.[2] The group states its mission is to undertake science-based initiatives for the long-term conservation and sustainable use of tuna stocks, reducing bycatch and promoting ecosystem health.

    Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture - Seychelles

    The Ministry works to ensure the increasing availability of enough locally produced food in order to meet the county’s food security and nutrition needs and reduce risks and vulnerability in the event of local and/or external factors which may limit or hinder access to global food markets. Based on the National Food and Nutrition Security Policy the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries will simulate and guide investments in building and sustaining desired level of local food production as part of the strategic food supply/availability system.

    Vice President Office Seychelles

    Froid des Mascaraeignes Ltée

    Froid des Mascareignes Ltée (FDM) is one of the constituent elements of the IBL Seafood Hub.

    FDM was established in 1997 as a modern, privately-owned integrated seafood handling & storage complex situated in the Port Louis harbour Freeport Zone.


    Frinsa is one of the largest European manufacturers of canned tuna fish and seafood. The company was founded in Ribeira (Galicia, Spain) in 1961.

    Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited (SEYPEC)

    SEYPEC’s operations are based at three depots, namely the New Port depot, Airport depot and Praslin depot. Its main functions revolve around the storage and supply of petroleum products to the domestic and international market, the bunkering of vessels, aviation refuelling operations and the management of its shipping arm.

    Blue Economy Knowledge Centre, Seychelles

    The original Blue Economy concept by Gunter Pauli was to look for the best nature-inspired technologies to shift society from scarcity to abundance by tackling environmental and other problems in new ways. The Seychelles is championing the “Blue Economy” as its future sustainable development model. The centre will bring together the best practices and knowledge from various programs that Nature Seychelles is working in including research, eco-tourism, coastal & marine conservation and restoration, and climate change adaptation, as well as contributions from national and international partners. The centre will seek to source funding for innovative projects that will contribute to the building blocks of the Seychelles’ Blue Economy.


    We are a global seafood leader with ambitious growth goals and a dedication to sustainability and innovation. Our portfolio of brands includes convenient consumer favorites that have brought nutritious and tasty seafood to tables around the world for over a century.

    Hunt Deltel

    Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd was formed in 1937 and is a Seychelles registered and owned company, with an extensive portfolio of activities, with particular emphasis in shipping and service related fields.

    Hunt, Deltel & Co. Ltd. is committed to achieving excellence in service delivery to its customers. The company strives to continually improve in efficiency and reliability, and to maintain consistent performance in Shipping, Logistics and Express Courier Services. Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System sets out guiding principles defined by a risk-minimization approach and continual improvement which in turn defines top management’s policies and strategies.

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    If you become a Stakeholder, you will not only have access to all the information and comments, but participate with your comments.

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