We’re all Itzi. We’re tuna lovers

It’s one of life’s mysteries: how we bump into someone on the road we walk. Itziar Zabala and we stumbled across each other’s paths a while ago. Itzi is an exceptional Basque rock climber who conquers summits and overcomes challenges. Her strength and her tenacity captured our imagination. So, we decided to walk together, which we still do.

We have reasons to keep moving forward. We happen to be people who work hard to make this project possible. We’re tradition and innovation. Ultimately, we are what we always wanted to be.


Itzi is part of all this. And we are part of her. BAO magazine has talked to her and published that interview. Itzi, watching your career is an immense pleasure. Being part of your journey an endless source of pride.

Thank you, Itzi. Maite zaitugu.

To read the BAO magazine interview click here.

Photography: Jon Martínez Ibarra

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