We keep growing

Echebastar is basically a family. We were one at the beginning when we first started. We are one now and will remain one tomorrow. That is precisely the key to our story: we keep growing. With every passing day there’s more of us. There is you, us and our vessels. And it is about our vessels that we would like to tell you about.

Presently, the most tuna-loving fleet in the world is made up of five sea giants: Euskadi Alai, Jai Alai, Izaro, Alakrana and Elai Alai. They are all special. We love them all. After all, they bear the Echebastar emblem. After all they are part of this community, of this family.

Life goes on and is full surprises. Soon you will see our sixth vessel. As a matter of fact she is about to come along. Little by little. We’re getting her ready with utmost care. With love. With joy. After all she is going to be part of Echebastar.

Her name? We will let you know soon enough. In the meantime let’s keep day-dreaming. After all we are tuna lovers.

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