The MSC Process: Proof of ECHEBASTAR’s commitment to quality


Sustainable tuna fishing is the phrase that sums up our commitment to assume our responsibility, in the global challenge to make the best use of our world’s resources. We at Echebastar are steadfast in our determination to fully meet our obligation as one of the main stewards of the renewable tuna resources of the Indian Ocean and confront any fishery related issues that may jeopardize the responsible and sustainable use of nature’s bounty, the long-term prospects for fishery related employment global food security, and a healthy and robust ecosystem and environment.

That is our guiding principle. That is just the way we are.

Over the years, Echebastar has taken a number of initiatives to reduce our ecological footprint. We have been to the vanguard in introducing non-entangling FADs, limiting the number of FADs, and separating living bycatch so that it may be quickly returned to the sea. This, allied with the health of the skipjack stock and the limited impact of our fishery on other fish species, ETP species, habitat and the functioning of the ecosystem, has led us to be certified against the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for a sustainable fishery. Ours is the first tropical tuna fishery in the world using all purse seining methods to achieve MSC certification. Consumers now have the guarantee that our skipjack tuna complies with the most rigorous global standard of responsible fishing. Indeed,

But our story does not end there; we will not rest on our laurels. That is just the way we are.

We are working to introduce bio-degradable FADs, to recover lost and derelict FADs before they can damage our precious corals, and improve our handling practices to further reduce the risk to silky sharks.

Further, we recognise that sustainability goes far beyond MSC certification. We are investigating how to recycle used materials, with one project looking to make such as sunglasses, skateboards and surf boards from old purse seine nets. We are investing to become more fuel efficient.

And we will always treat our workers on whom we depend with the utmost respect. That’s just the way we are.

Our customers and civil society will be the ultimate judges of the value of our work. We do not have a hidden agenda and we will fully inform you of all our work while actively seeking your collaboration and cooperation. Every step of the way you will be able to follow the actions we take in meeting our commitment to sustainable fishing and the protection of the ecosystem and the environment.

We are different. We are tuna lovers. We love our planet. That’s just the way we are.

For further information of THE MSC PROCESS click here.

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