SUSTUNTECH another step on the road to sustainability

With a view to reducing the tuna fleet’s emissions and fuel consumption by 20 to 25%, AZTI and the Galician company Marine Instruments, lead the European project SUSTUNTECH (Sustainable Tuna Fisheries Through Advanced Earth Observation Tools). Naturally, Echebastar is also onboard.

This initiative seeks to develop new systems which can help improve the decision-making process and therefore optimize fishing activities. It will combine information gathered by satellite buoys from Marine Instruments and data collected by sensors placed aboard two of our tuna vessels (Euskadi Alai and Jai Alai) as well as oceonagraphic information obtained by the European Union’s Earth Observation Programme Copernicus. The project uses machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence algorithms developed by AZTI, Newcastle University (United Kingdom) and Marine Instruments. All this information will be used to obtain maps of tuna distribution, recommendations on navigation, also to determine the best routes to follow so that fuel consumption can be minimized. In addition, the information obtained by the onboard sensors will be sent back to Copernicus to improve their ocean observation models in what could be described as an example of circular data economy.

The project also benefits from the collaboration with the University of the Basque Country as well as companies from the industrial sector such as Zephyr (Italy), Maridis (Germany) and Sintef (Norway).

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