Echebastar launches the MSC up-to-date initiative

We work with passion. We honor tradition, innovation and transparency. Every step we take is guided by our unique worldview. That’s the very reason why we’ve gotten this far. That’s why we want to keep growing, with you.

All of this explains why we are the first fishery in the world, using all forms of seine fishing, to gain certification for skipjack tuna fishing from the MSC, the world’s most rigorous independent body assessing sustainable and well-managed fisheries on a global scale, for skipjack tuna fishing.

This is the road we have taken, one we will not ever leave. We want you to be a part of this process. With that in mind, we have started the MSC up-to-date initiative, which will allow you to follow each and every action we take in order to strengthen our commitment to working for a better future.

This link will help you stayed informed of the various steps that Echebastar is taking within the framework of the MSC process. You will also have the opportunity to register so you can get updates on the latest news and be an active member of the organization.

Come and check it out for yourself. Find out why we are the way we are. Join the tuna-loving community.

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