Echebastar has achieved IFS Food certification, which represents a new guarantee for its Alakrana products

Once again Echebastar’s commitment to food safety, quality and health has been internationally acknowledged. This tuna fishery is now IFS Food certified, which adds an extra guarantee to our Alakrana tuna production.


IFS stands for International Food Standard. Together with BRC, it is the most widely used standard in the food industry. It is used to qualify suppliers and guarantee the safety of their food products.

Unlike the ISO rules, which attest to a company’s quality management system, the IFS Food standard certifies that the production of foodstuffs is carried out in a way which guarantees the safety of the foodstuffs and the marketed products.

Likewise, the IFS certification is proof that the certified company has implemented processes which guarantee the safety of its products and complies with specified customer requirements.

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