ECHEBASTAR committed to the Urdaibai Zero Plastic Initiative

We are sea people. We’re people of principle. Our word and our acts go hand in hand, which is why would like you to know that we have committed ourselves to the Urdaibai Zero Plastic Initiative.

It is a project for the future, which will be held every year in Urdaibai, the very area where Bermeo, our hometown, is located. In its first edition, on June 8, hundreds of people are going to participate in the Urdaiabi Biosphere Reserve Clean-up Day. On the coast, in the water surface, in the sea beds, every volunteer will do their bit. The challenge is exhilarating. It is a vision for the future.


Apart from reducing plastic waste in this area, the day will allow us to raise awareness of a global issue brought about by plastic waste adrift off our shores. Our goal is to involve all social sectors and make them aware of the importance of protecting the environment, specifically our Urdaiabi Biosphere Reserve.


At Echebaster we would like to encourage every tunalover to register for this great event. Further information is available on

We’re tuna lovers!

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