Echebastar and the Basque and Seychellois governments coordinate crew change

True to its commitment to protecting and taking care of its staff, Echebastar, in collaboration with the Basque Government and the Government of Seychelles, has successfully coordinated crew changeovers in its fleet. They will be carried out with strict adherence to all necessary health safety measures.

As a first step, this past Monday (June 22) PCR tests were conducted on the workers who will travel to the Indian Ocean to relieve the crew there, which will make it possible to rule out any potential cases of coronovirus infection.



The next step will take place on Thursday (June 25), when a plane arriving from Seychelles will land at Bilbao airport to pick up Echebastar workers. That flight will also take back staff of other Bermeo-based companies such as Pevasa, Inpesca and Albacora, which operate in the area, as well as Seychelles Petroleum personnel.



At Echebastar we reaffirm our commitment to keeping our fishermen healthy and safe. Likewise, we thank the governments of the Basque Country and Seychelles for making this operation possible.

Echebastar: committed to our people. Committed to the environment. Committed to the future.

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