Building a future together

On the way from our home to yours quite a few things happen. By the time you get our tuna, a long complex process has taken place, which demands the utmost attention to detail, but rest assured. At Echebastar, every step of the way is absolutely essential. That is our greatest pride. That’s our calling card.

We are Alakrana people: experts in deep-freezing and supervising both the production and the supply chains. In fact, we are much more than that. We grow every day. We build Alakrana every day.

On this journey we must face growing challenges and increasingly pressing needs. Whenever this happens you need the best possible traveling companion by your side. Maersk, the biggest shipping company in the world, knows a thing or two about this. United we are stronger. United we build a future.

Today we are proud to share Maersk’s announcement regarding our home. Your home, tuna lover!

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